• Laptop Tablet and Phone

    Personnel logistics on the fly

    Resgrid has apps for all major platforms (Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry) and a mobile accessible HTML5/CSS3 site to allow your users to work from anywhere

  • Tablet IC and Responder App

    Responder or IC

    Tablet optimized applications for Incident Commanders and apparatuses allow your users to update and manage personnel status on the fly.

  • Laptop Dashboard

    Cloud based logistics

    Dispatch users, manage personnel, create and manage calls, create groups and dive into analytics. Resgrid is the platform for complete personnel management.

Personnel, resource logistics and department management system designed for first responders, volunteer and career fire, EMS, Search and Rescue, HAZMAT, public safety and more.

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Easy to use

A simple to use web and mobile application that enables more effective communication and management when responding to emergencies.

First Responders

Resgrid was developed for first responder organizations, but will work for anyone that needs to know what resources and personnel they have available.

Use from Anywhere

Everything is on the cloud, nothing for you to install or manage and no infrastructure to purchase or maintain.

Mobile Apps


Resgrid is supported on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPods. You can get it from the Apple Store.


Resgrid is available on all Android devices from 2.7 onward. You get can it from the Google Play Store.

Windows Phone 7/8

Resgrid is available on all Windows Phone 7 devices. You can get it from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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