Logistics for first responders

Resgrid makes it easy for first responders to manage personnel, units and departments from anywhere

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Resgrid saves your department time and voice comms by constantly updating the location and activity of all personnel and units, enabling 100% efficient command and control of every resource


Monitor, manage and track your personnel with mobile apps to facilitate on-the-go staffing, callbacks, assignments and response


Specifically designed mobile app to allow apparatuses to work offline or online interfacing with command and your department at all times


Dispatch and run an incident knowing unit location, personnel accountability, work assignments in real-time like never before without any communications overhead


Cloud based management for first responders

From volunteer or career fire to search and rescue, EMS, public safety or disaster response organizations Resgrid connects all aspects of your operations via an easy to use website and mobile applications.

Resgrid connects your personnel, units, command, dispatch and departments
Resgrid connects your personnel, units, command, dispatch and departments

Mobile apps for Personnel, Units and Command

Resgrid mobile applications exist for Apple iOS AppStore, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace and Amazon App Store. These apps are optimized for responders, apparatuses and incident commanders.

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