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Having multiple systems, you and your personnel need to interact with is difficult. Maintenance, updates, changes, and getting data into them, out of them and in between is a constant struggle and drain on your resources. Resgrid provides you an all-in-one system to hit the ground running.


Frequent Updates

The hosted version of Resgrid is updated almost every week, while our open source code-base is updated multiple times a year. We are constantly adding new features most without any additional cost to you. Resgrid is a system that will evolve with you and your organization.


Resgrid is a complete suite of modules that gives your organization what it needs in one place

Computer Aided Dispatching

Complete dispatching solution for personnel, apparatuses, teams and more. Create, track and manage calls, resources and times associated with them.

  • Create, Edit Close and Report on Calls
  • Calls with Notes, Images and Attachments
  • Calls can be interacted with via apps by field personnel
  • Automatic call creation via Email, Text or API
  • Custom call intake form creation
  • Call Automation and Automatic Dispatching
  • Built-in Reporting on Calls and Events
  • Track call events automatically (Responding, On Scene, etc)

Personnel Management

Easy to get users into and using Resgrid right away with tons of features and facilitates to get the most out of your personnel.

  • Create, Update, Manage Personnel
  • Assign Personnel to Units, Stations or Groups
  • Personnel Accountability
  • Track Certifications and their expiration
  • Create Roles to segment capabilities
  • Share Notes and Documents
  • Track current Personnel Status and Availability
  • Automatic Staffing for Personnel Schedules
  • Dedicated App for Personnel to Use

Units and Teams

Resgrid is full cycle management allowing your Incident Commanders their current resources, personnel, mutual aid all while easily running their incident.

  • Create, manage and track your Units and Teams
  • View unit locations and Live AVL
  • Dispatch Units and Teams in the field
  • Assign Personnel to the Unit and track accountability
  • Monitor and track issues and maintenance
  • Fleet Management capabilities
  • Run reports on usages, mileage and more
  • Dedicated App for Units to use

Push-To-Talk Addon

Built-in voice communications allows your users to communicate with ease

  • Create up to 50 channels for your personnel to use
  • Name and designate channels
  • See how many people are in each channel at any time
  • Use from any device, Desktop, Laptop, iOS or Android
  • Worldwide reach, only a data connection is needed
  • Low cost system compared to alternatives
  • Replace handheld, two way radios
  • Effective and efficient communications for mobile workforce


With the Shifts module you can create assigned and sign-up shifts. Check to see what spots are open, and remind personnel of upcoming assignments.

  • Create assigned and signup shifts
  • Precisely control days in which shifts are on
  • Multiple shifts per day
  • Shift Swaps and Trades System
  • Shift Signup with Personnel Role based needs
  • Reminders of upcoming shifts and trade notifications
  • Shift staffing reporting and Shift Day assignments
  • Shift system in both Web and Responder Mobile App

Messaging and Chat

Send messages and notices to personnel, groups or roles and Chat real-time with other personnel.

  • Easy to use Messaging System
  • Quickly send Messages to People, Roles or Groups
  • Get notified of Messages via Push, Email and Text
  • Use RSVP feature to quickly get responses
  • Track who read and responded to your message
  • Real-time Chat function for 1-on-1 chats and group
  • Quickly spin up new chats with people and view history
  • Use Chat and Messaging from the Web and Mobile Apps


Send out trainings to your personnel. Use quizzes to ensure your personnel got the most out of the training.

  • Send out Trainings to personnel, roles or groups
  • Create quizzes to ensure personnel understood training
  • Track which users saw and completed the training
  • Trainings can be text, have attachments and include links
  • Report on users who took the training
  • Training creators/admins can reset users Quiz score to retake
  • Set due dates and requirements for trainings
  • Notifications to personnel on new trainings and due dates

The Resgrid Difference

A system that changes with your needs

Save Money

One system vs multiple saves you money on implementation and maintenance. Resgrid provides the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Technology Partner

In the last 6 months Resgrid has added multiple major features; Invoicing, Custom Forms, Fleet Management, at customer requests with no additional costs.

Save Time

With Resgrid's suite of features there is only one system for your personnel to learn. This keeps implementation time down and keeps your onboarding process fast.

Open Source

Being open-source means Resgrid will always be available to your organization. You can host it yourself and fully customize it to meet your needs.

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