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The ONLY open source dispatch, logistics and management system for first responders, emergency management and business

Open Source Version

You can download, setup and run Resgrid on your own hardware without paying a single dime. Because Resgrid is open source you can modify the code, see how it's put together and do you own analysis. Resgrid is the only CAD system out there you could run forever, free.


Hosted Version

Don't want to run your own version of Resgrid? You can sign up for our hosted plans and we will professionally manage, update and maintain the system for you. No contract, you can cancel at any time and continue to use Resgrid by utilizing the open source version.

Our Open Source Software

Resgrid is a multi app open source system, with web apps, apis, mobile and desktop apps all available on GitHub

Resgrid Core

Resgrid Core is the main web user interface, web services (API) and back-end workers. This contains everything you need to get Resgrid up and running.

  • Web Based Application (User Interface) for users
  • RESTful Web Services (API) to allow for integration
  • Back-end Workers for Dispatching, Unit Control & more
  • Extensible Infrastructure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft C# .Net Framework and .Net Core
  • RabbitMQ, ELK & IIS
  • Deployment Scenarios ranging from 1 server to dozens

View Resgrid Core on GitHub

Resgrid Unit

The Resgrid Unit app is targeted for apparatus\vehicles, equipment or squads\groups of personnel working together as a unit

  • Ionic 3 and Angular 5
  • TypeScript and RxJS
  • PWA as well as hybrid for web deploys
  • Full data store (on device or in browser)
  • Offline support via the Data Store
  • Push Notifications
  • Geolocation and AVL for live tracking

View Resgrid Unit on GitHub

Resgrid Responder

Resgrid Responder is a hybrid mobile app targeted to the personnel in the organization allowing them to interact with the API via a mobile app UI

  • Ionic 3 and Angular 5
  • TypeScript and RxJS
  • PWA as well as hybrid for web deploys
  • Firebase for Realtime Chat
  • SignalR Support
  • On Device Caching for Data
  • Push Notification Support

View Resgrid Responder on GitHub

Resgrid BigBoard

The Resgrid BigBoard is a drag and drop, dashboard application for showing important status in a tv screen or monitor

  • PWA, Mobile and Desktop Application
  • Ionic Framework 3 and Angular 5
  • Typescript with RxJS
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard UI
  • SignalR, Web Events for Updates
  • Sounds for new calls can be played on speakers

View Resgrid BigBoard on GitHub

Resgrid Relay

Resgrid Relay monitors line in audio on a computer for tones to record an mp3 to create a call in Resgrid via the API

  • C# Console Application
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2
  • Resgrid API Client
  • DTMF Lib for Tone Detection
  • Extensible to Monitor non Audio Imports
  • Will add support for database, file, RSS feed, etc

View Resgrid Relay on GitHub

Stability and Extensibility

As of the end of 2021 this code-base has served 117,135 calls, 355,286 user actions and 1,756,090 user statuses for 8,581 organizations


Stable and Load Ready

You can deploy Resgrid as a single server, or dozens of servers. From On-Prem to the Cloud we have designed the system to support multiple scenarios


Constant Updates

Because we actively use Resgrid we maintain the code constantly. Updates are pushed out weekly to our hosted version and we publish new versions of the OSS project to Github every 6 months


Proven Track Record

The GitHub code-base that powers has been online for 6 years without any major downtime and we are working to make the system more resilient.


Worldwide Usage

The goal for Resgrid was to be truly worldwide, we are working to bring multi-lingual to the system and already support English users the world over

Priority Support

We provide private, priority support for our open source software via yearly support plans.


  • Access to more frequent builds
  • Support Provided by Private Portal
  • 3 support tickets/year
  • 3 business day response time


per year

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  • Access to more frequent builds
  • Support Provided by Private Portal
  • Unlimited support tickets/year
  • 1 business day response time
  • 10 hours of RDP/HTTPS/SSH Remote Support


per year

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* Guaranteed first response time on critical support requests
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